Friday, August 26, 2016

EZ Notes Search on Microsoft Windows 10

EZ Notes Search was originally designed to run on Microsoft®  Windows® 7 and Microsoft Windows XP.  It is also supported on the Microsoft Windows 8 versions (with a slightly different user experience).

EZ Notes Search doesn't work properly on Microsoft Windows 10 and is therefore not supported on that platform.

One alternative to consider on Windows 10 is to use the native Notes search facility which can now search both mail and mail archives simultaneously. 

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  1. This is a fantasic productivity tool I use many times a day. Any plans to develop this for Windows 10?

  2. I agree any plans to support on Windows 10..I would happily pay to upgrade

  3. Come on guys, people are ready to pay for the tool, why are you not developing it for Windows 10.

  4. Ditto.. another nail in the coffin of Notes I'm afraid..